• Medium Elegant Diamond

    $165.00 $150.00

    Size: 8 x 8 x 8cm 
    3D Block Fits: 1-2 People 
    This corner cut diamond crystal is very good for 3D image engravings, words can be selected to the top or bottom of crystal. In order to engrave 3D laser crystal your image is converted into 3D laser crystal format first and then to be engraved into laser crystal.
    It's recommended to buy a light base for this style.
    Please email all photos directly to our engraver at sales@atk3dcrystal.com. 
    Acceptable formats to send photos: JPG, JPEG, and PNG. GIF files tend to be small and are not recommended. We accept all photos! For best results, we recommend use of a clear high resolution well lit photo that has a good contrast.