• 3D Elegant Heart

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     3D Heart Fits: 2D/3D Photos, Logos, Etc. 
    This 100% heart cut crystal can be converted into 2D/3D with your sentimental moment inside. Engrave one of your favorite images of your children, pets, significant other, or your business logo into a unique 3D personalized crystal. Allow us to keep your moments alive!
    Perfect for your office desk, fireplace, or a windowpane. 
    Please email all photos directly to our engraver at carl.atkins@atk3dcrystal.com. 
    Acceptable formats to send photos: JPG, JPEG, and PNG. GIF files tend to be small and are not recommended. We accept all photos! For best results, we recommend use of a clear high resolution well lit photo that has a good contrast.