• 2nd Bn 14th Marines (FOX) 250

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    Size: 50x50x80mm 
    3D Block Fits: 2nd Bn 14th Marines Logo Crystal Collectible.  This order will be placed under the military wholesale rate.  Price Per Crystal will be $15.50.  This is the initial order for I&I 2nd Bn 14th Marines.  Payment of 50% ($1727.00) down will be needed to start the order.  Once complete the remaining balance must be paid in full ($1727.00).  If there are any extra crystals added to the order prior to shipment they will be included in final invoice price.

    Put your favorite logo inside of our elegant crystal.  Or collect all of your favorite logos and show them off to your friends. This product includes 1 laser engraved 3D crystal. For the 3D crystal your image is converted into 3D crystal format first and then engraved into SM, MD, or LG  crystal. 
    Great for engraving people, logos, flowers, or animals.

    Please email all photos directly to our engraver at sales@atk3dcrystal.com. 
    Acceptable formats to send photos: JPG, JPEG, and PNG. GIF files tend to be small and are not recommended. We accept all photos! For best results, we recommend use of a clear high resolution well lit photo that has a good contrast.